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orga.nicer set XS

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Enhance your organization game and do your part for the planet with orga.nicer. 

With its unique modular design, orga.nicer makes it possible to customize how you organize in a way that fits your specific needs. Choose from four natural shades – sand, sage, coal, and clay – that will seamlessly blend into any interior. Each lid has a unique design: it doubles as a tray or pen holder, and it’s easy to open with one hand. Also, the lid of the smaller container can be used to create an additional level in the larger container.

Orga.nicer isn’t just about design, it’s also about sustainability.

Made from the 100% biobased and industrially compostable Trifilon Switch® material, it’s free from BPA, Phthalates and PVC. Its production is less energy-intensive and generates less CO2 emissions than other heavier materials such as glass or ceramics: making it a better choice for the environment.

Designed and made in Poland, EU, these modular storage boxes will help you organize your small spaces and keep you feel peace and serenity at your home. 


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Orga.nicer is an eco-friendly ode to minimalism. Its unique form will suit any place that needs organization with a distinct aesthetic. The whole system is modular: every container complements every other one, inspiring you to play with your available space. Orga.nicer is created by the best Polish designers for lovers of good design and the environment. Even its colors are drawn from the Earth’s natural hues: sand, sage, coal and clay.

Orga.nicer set S consists of 2XS boxes.

The daintiest darling of organization, orga.nicer set XS consists of two petite yet powerful containers. It’s the ultimate solution for discreetly tucking away your trinkets and treasures. 

Stack them or separate them, the choice is yours. The XS set is the perfect size for those who want to keep it small yet chic.

Orga.nicer is made of Trifilon Switch®, which is a family of plant fiber reinforced biocomposites whose resins are starch-based aliphatic polyesters, commonly referred to as polylactic acid (PLA), made from responsibly grown sugarcane and beetroot. All the main ingredients in Switch come from agricultural products. They’re also industrial compostable. That means Orga.nicer comes from plants and it disappears after use.

box XS
width: 11.5 cm
length: 11.5 cm
height: 5.5 cm
capacity: approx. 0.5 l
weight: 121 + 56  = 177g
material: trifilon 2098

Avoid contact with extreme temperatures and prolonged contact with water. Our products are plant based – take care of them so you can enjoy them for a lifetime.

  • less co²
  • biobased
  • PLA with
    hemp fibers
  • no phatalates
    BPA or PVC
  • modular
  • designed and
    made in Poland
  • designed
    by Kabo & Pydo